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Horizon Lists is a well recognized industry leader in professional list management and marketing services. Our List Management Team administers all aspects of your list. Included in list administration and management are list marketing and list promotion as well as the direct promotion of your list to our established network of list brokers. 

Our list management division is dedicated to work for you and help maximize your list revenue with the integrity and professionalism it deserves. With the vast number of lists available in the list rental market today, it takes more than traditional "salesmanship" to market a file. It takes aggressive selling strategies, detailed marketing and advertising schedules, as well as a commitment to excellent service and client satisfaction.

  • Horizon Lists is a well-respected industry leader in professional and ethical list management and marketing services. Our team of List Management Specialists will handle all aspects of your list. We evaluate your data, examining and identifying all available segments and vertical markets that your list should be in.
  • Horizon Lists will act as your billing and collection agent to make sure that every penny of your list revenue is accurately accounted for and received.
  • Included in all list administration and management is list marketing as well as list promotion. Not to mention the direct promotion to our established network of list brokers and mailers.

If you don't feel your current list manager is prioritizing your list or giving the attention it needs and deserves, give us a call and let us show you the type of returns that were currently showing our list owners.

Interested in learning more about our list brokerage and list management services and how we can help your business to succeed?  We're here to help. Contact Us: today! 


Direct Marketers know that the overall success of their marketing campaigns is related to the selection of high quality lists. Whether your marketing plans include email marketing, telemarketing or direct mail, quality list selection is by far the most important factor in determining the success of your marketing initiatives. 

With access to thousands of today's hottest lists, Horizon Lists will offer you the best list options available; quickly, accurately and most importantly- cost effectively. We work within your budget and recommend to you the lists that will provide the highest response rates.

Horizon Lists offers you our 100% commitment to excellence in marketing results.  Our list professionals average many years of direct marketing experience- experience that we then put to work for you.